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<p><em>Album</em> is another addition to the recent wave of indie records that revisit a more classic pop sound (think 50s and 60s soul/surf/British invasion) through a contemporary lens. <a href="">Girls</a> find a way to include all these influences from the past without trivializing their own music or sounding like a band that wishes they were from a long gone era. They instead make the songs their own, making the influences more of a reference point than the band&rsquo;s entire sound. Also adding to Album's contemporary sound are the lyrics and voice of Christopher Owens. His voice sounds honest and familiar, like a friend telling you about his problems. The lyrics are, for the most part, straightforward, no excess of metaphors and convoluted stories. Lines like &ldquo;I wish I had a suntan/ I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine/ I wish I had a beach house/ And we could make a big fire every night&rdquo; don&rsquo;t attempt to blow you away with their epic qulaities, but rather feel genuine and relatable. Not to say that Owens strays away from deeper subject matter, but rather approaches them with a beautiful simplicity. The chorus of &ldquo;Hellhole Ratrace&rdquo; touches on a very personal theme without over exaggerating the point, &ldquo;And I don&rsquo;t want to cry my whole life through/ I want to do some laughing to/ So come on and laugh with me/ And I don&rsquo;t want to die without shaking up a leg or two/ Yah I want to do some dancing too/ Some come on and dance with me&rdquo;.</p> <p><em>Album</em> has a sound and energy that is truly Californian. Guitars drenched in spring reverb, background vocal oohs and ahhs, and an optimism and outlook on life that can only be found in certain parts of California, San Francisco being one of them. It&rsquo;s good to know that no matter how many condos and shopping centers are built the spirit of California is still alive somewhere and, thanks to <a href="">Girls</a>, we have the proof!</p> <p><em>-Glenn Jackson</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Local Music Is Sexy: Live Review

Local Music IS Sexy.  I can emphatically confirm this statement.  Friday's local music night at the Mohawk was insanely entertaining.  I love all things Austin, but what was special about the night was the crowd.  Young hipsters, band geeks, and all those in between - like myself - all set the tone for a fun evening.
Going in, not knowing too much about the artists performing, I was pleasantly surprised with the caliber of the lineup.  Starting with the Minor Mishap Marching Band (above) and their grand entrance down the stairs and onto the stage like a funeral procession in New Orleans, I knew I was in for a treat.  Their melange of a marching band was like a French Bat Mitzvah, a Gypsy festival, a Cirque Du Soleil performance and they left me smiling and satisfied.  My cohort commented, "Have I seen them on Sesame Street?  I mean that in the BEST way!"
I haven't listened to PIL in a long time, but when manikin hit the stage, they brought the angst and pissed off charm of a Jon Lydon that I loved.  Vocals were limited, like a Devo, but there was lots of reverb and LOUD bass that blasted the Mohawk when they hit the stage.  With a one man horn section, a sexy and talented woman drummer, lots of in your face rock and roll, manikin is a show not to missed. 
I made my way inside to catch Silent Land Time Machine.  A recent graduate of UT who has captured the young club scene.  Spinning decks relentlessly all the while playing over with his electric violin.  A unique blend of dance and experimental beats...
On to International Waters.  Buddy Holly vs. Weezer.  Ocean Blue vs. The Lightning Seeds.  Their sensibilities are similar and that's a positive thing.  Lots of "anthemy" songs, but I would have liked a real break out tune.
TV Torso!  I am in love!  The best musicians I have seen always make their work look easy.  These guys are so tight, but relaxed and look like they are truly enjoying themselves.  A three piece band that...wait for it....sound to me like a modern version of the Everly Brothers with harmonies to die for and songs so catchy you find yourself dancing and humming along.  These guys could be playing for 10 or 10,000, it wouldn't matter, their heart and souls were evident in every beat.  Definitely my favorite of the night!
I found at the end of the night that not only is Local Music Sexy, it's really freaking good, too.  The lineup was stellar.  I was so impressed, I got online to look up bio information. I had to quench my music crushes.  The Mohawk was a great host, too.  The weather, the lights, the smell of cloves for God's sake, made the night unique and special, but the fantastic music - that's what I'll remember. 

--Ellen Green


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We Animals
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<p><a href="">Monogold</a>'s new CD &quot;We Animals&quot; showcases the band's evolution from a rather traditional shoegaze sound into something more ambient and &quot;avant&quot;. The serene rhythmic percussions, Keith Kelly&rsquo;s whispering vocals, and the music's mystical qualities have therapeutic powers. The band's new sound also resonates with a certain hippiedom reminiscent of bands like Animal Collective and The Shins; they master the art of creating 5-minute single beat percussion spacey tunes, with interwoven vocals and instruments that vary and evolve through the song. &quot;Dead See Minerals&quot; is a personal favorite from this CD, with its light electronic undertones along with Monogold&rsquo;s overall woodland creature vibe. Gorgeous music. - <em>Chloe Schildhause</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Sad Accordions Tell it Like it Is (assist by Thurston Moore)


The Sad Accordions have bravely taken on the latest iteration of The Deli's Five Questions, results are below...the Accordions play Emo's Wednesday night the 11th in the company of Lake. Maybe you'll hear "In My Tree"...

The Back to the Future/Butterfly Effect Question: You can travel back to 1955 and teach a local band one song: what do you teach them?
Our drummer Nathaniel has finally seen the light, and that light is called Pearl Jam! He's all about spreading the gospel according to vedder to any time period, so he'd be teaching the kids "In My Tree" from Pearl Jam's best record, No Code. Ben wanted to push the envelope a little further by playing "Teenage Riot" by Sonic Youth for them... "Thurston! This is your cousin... Marvin... Marvin Moore! You gotta hear this man..."
Best compliment you've ever gotten, on your music or otherwise?
 There's this guy who will often drive up from San Antonio to see us play, on a fairly regular basis. We think that's pretty weird, but it's a huge compliment. Thanks Cullen!
Also, our moms all think we're very handsome.

If you could get one local guest star on your next album, who would you pick?
 Monahans! The whole lot of em! (Rocky Erickson would be pretty cool though...)
Best breakfast in Austin?
Tamale House, without a doubt.
This set of questions made me ________.
a hungry slacker.

Tiny Tin Answers (with patron saint Doug Sahm)

Let's not get too lengthy with the preludes here and just cut right to the Q & A we were lucky enough to collect from recent poll winners The Tiny Tin Hearts. Take it away, Hearts...

You can travel back to 1955 and teach a local band one song: what do you teach them?

Assuming this would be a Tiny Tin Hearts song, perhaps, "Love and Jet Engines". I think that it could shake up some suburbia folks that felt like 1955 was the golden age of America. Maybe confuse the rebels who knew better, a little, too...

Best compliment you've ever gotten, on your music or otherwise?

Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) once said in his Billy Gibbons voice, "Man, that's a dirty guitar." He didn't mean "dirty", as in a distorted tone, but dirty as in filthy. It needed to be cleaned, so I've been making more of an effort to clean the thing, once in a while. I guess that's more of a comment...

If you could get one local guest star on your next album, who would you pick?

Doug Sahm, without a doubt! Of course, if that were to happen, we might be pretty frightened, as well...

Best breakfast in Austin?

That's asking for a full-out fist fight within the band! There's a great place way East on Burleson Rd, called El Meson. It's well overlooked, but if you do stop, you won't regret it.

This set of questions made me:

...even more neurotic than I was before this set of questions.

...The Tiny Tin Hearts' debut The Last Flight of the Martyr Aviator is available now. They are currently at work on new songs & plan to return to the studio in spring (when the world is mud-luscious, as some say).

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