Get Out & Get Yer HAAM Today!

It’sHAAMBenefit Day today, which means shows all over town featuring some of the best Austin has to offer…Pinetop Perkins, Suzanna Choffel, Charanga Cakewalk, Bob Schneider, Toni Price, and many, many more…in fact, it all started already (6 AM at Whole Foods with Kevin Welch) and it goes until midnight. So get out, see some excellent music, and support the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Full schedulehere.


White Rhino Winner + New Poll!

Big congrats are due to White Rhino, our reigning Artist of the Month, and now, if you please, take note of your new nominees: Low Line Caller, New Roman Times, Sad Accordions, SuperLiteBike, and The Black and White Years (the elegantly mustachioed fellows pictured above) are assembled in alphabetical order in the small box up yonder to the right. That’s a strong field, a mighty field, an impressive array of Austin talent. Check ‘em out. It is yours to decide.

Painkiller Hotel

Painkiller Hotel is an alternative rock band that is slowly sweeping people off of their feet. The Chicago-based foursome is a personal favourite of Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down) who signed them to his own label, Rock Ridge Music.

The band's extensive touring has included 2007 and 2008's SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, Australia, and many Midwest shows. Their music has also been featured on hit TV shows such as "Living Lohan", "Real World: Sydney" and "The Hills".

Their latest release, Black Roses, is on sale on iTunes.

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Eskimo Snow
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<p>Every new <a href="">Why?</a> record seems to bring with it a new aesthetic or theme, and <em>Eskimo Snow</em> is no different. Recorded during the same sessions that produced 2008&rsquo;s <em>Alopecia</em>, <em>Eskimo Snow</em> finds Why? recording songs as a five piece band with Fog&rsquo;s Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson accompanying the usual trio.</p> <p>At its most obvious level, <em>Eskimo Snow</em> is a continuation of the modern indie take on classic pop music, shifting Why?&rsquo;s comparisons more towards Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective than any indie hip-hop band. However, there is an almost intangible something that differentiates Why?&rsquo;s new record from <em>Veckamist</em> or <em>Merriweather Post Pavilion</em>. Frontman Yoni Wolf has been quoted as saying &ldquo;This record is really the least hip-hop out of anything I've ever been involved with (Pitchfork Interview, May 2009)&quot; which may be true, but it is Why?&rsquo;s hip-hop music background/history/influence that makes Eskimo Snow a very unique album. There is a preciseness in the execution of these 10 songs that is completely enthralling. Why? has evolved beyond the looping and sampling of their earlier albums without losing what made albums like <em>Elephant Eyelash</em> and <em>Oaklandazulasylum</em> so cool.</p> <p>There is a playfulness to the music and lyrics that at times can even make you laugh out loud, but through all this Why? is always in control and can jump into a beautiful crescendo and back with flawless ease. Lyrics like &ldquo;They say sex will keep you young and make you older at the same time/They say sex will have left you aged normally/So I guess it&rsquo;s sort of like smoking and walking at the same time/In that it will have left you aged normally&rdquo; act as the eventual chorus to a song that starts out like their version of a Motown riff. &ldquo;Berkeley by Hearseback&rdquo; goes from a rhythmic driving vibraphone beat to a country rap and back, twice! Yoni's creative lyrics and intriguing delivery have only gotten better since beginning Why?, continuing to find a way to keep you chuckling to yourself and scratching your head. Why? has made an honestly unique album that is really a lot of fun to listen to.<em><br /> </em></p> <p><em>-Glenn Jackson</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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