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Mastering Studios Shortlist - Credits and other info

Selected Credits
Anal/Dig %
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APS Mastering NYC 1996 718-932-0511
or email
Bruce Springsteen, The Stooges, REM, Joey Ramone, Elvis Costello, New York Dolls, Deer Tick, The Shivers     call or email
The Cutting Room NYC 1995 212-260-0905
or email
The Postal Service, Prince, Suckers, Iggy Pop, Gomez, The Fray, 3 Doors Down, Moby, The Helio Sequence     call or email
Don Grossinger Mastering Westchester, NY 1994 914-548-0950
or email
Maroon 5, Christine Agulera, Kelly Clarkson, Annie Leonx. Ghostfaced Killah, REM, and vinyl for the Rolling Stones, Brian Wilson, Flaming Lips, Miles Davis and hundreds of indie projects!     Please call or email - samples here.
Engine Room
Downtown 1995 212 625 3467
or email
Color Bars, Depeche Mode, Fishbone, Immortal Technique, Jeffery Lewis, Lawry, OK Go!, Raekwon, Sia, The Ting Tings, They Might Be Giants, Trey Songz, 50 Cent.     Please call or email for rates and other enquiries
Knack Mastering NJ   973.556.5749
or email
Pterodactyl, Dashboard Confessional, Jeremy Enigk, Calla, Mustache, Radio 4, Lydia, Century, Indian Jewelry     call or email
Joe Lambert Mastering NJ 2008 201.332.7000
or email
Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Moby, Dirty Projectors, Nina Simone, Dead Prez, The Black Crowes, Sinead O'Connor, Black Label Society.     call or email
The Lodge NYC   212.353.3895
or email
Vampire Weekend, Lou Reed, The Walkmen, The Shins, Depeche Mode, Garbage     call or email
Boston   617.527.2200
or email
Agnostic Front, Big Star, The Magnetic Fields, Sub Pop, Merge, Soul Asylum, Sebadoh     call
or email
Richard Morris
NJ   347-756-2445  
or email
The Felice Brothers, Matt Schickele, Clare & The Reasons, Kelli Rae Powell, The Homosexuals.     call
or email
Soundmirror Boston 1972 617 522 1412
or email
Edan, Chip Taylor, Carrie Rodriguez, Bill Janovitz, Akrobatik, Mark Erelli, Lori McKenna, Munk     call
or email
West West Side Music NJ   845-563-3094
or email
Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective, Fleetwood Mac, Ben Folds Five, Ted Leo, Chemical Brothers, My Morning Jacket     email
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